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About CanAm

Dermatology Laser Application Specialists

With over 33 years of experience, CanAm is the most experienced & longest standing distributor of (German-engineered) Asclepion devices in North America.

Our clinical expertise and services are now sought by manufacturers and physicians worldwide. We have had the opportunity of training highly respected Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in both North America and the Asia-Pacific.



North America

Established key luminary sites for the first pure yellow (577 nm), QuadroStar ProYellow 577nm laser. Invited to train physicians & staff at the clinics of Dr. Paul Nassif, Dr. Gregory Mueller, Dr. Stewart Adams, and Dr. Jason Emer


Asia Pacific

Commissioned to develop Asia Pacific treatment protocols for darker skin types (III - V) collaboration with leading Dermatologists, Developed protocols that are now used around the world for indications including post-acne erythema, melasma, pigmented and vascular lesions.



Introduced worlds first non ablative 532nm Scanning Technology for Vascular and Rejuvenation.


First to adopt 800nm diode laser technology for hair removal.

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