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Client Reviews


"The world’s first pure yellow 577nm solid state laser, powerful enough for dermatology."

Dr. Stewart Adams, Dermatologist
Calgary, Alberta


“The Pro Yellow is my best and latest option to address a wide variety of vascular and pigmented abnormalities for Skin types I through IV.”

Dr. Gregory Mueller, Plastic Surgeon
Beverly Hills, California


We have used a KTP vascular laser for almost 15 years and it was our favourite laser. Now that we have the ProYellow, we have a new favourite. Patients find the treatment more tolerable, resulting in faster overall treatment times.

Dr. Diane MacGillis
Kingston, Ontario


“The Pro Yellow’s ideal 577nm wavelength has provided ground-breaking results on patients with Asian skin. I’ve been able to safely treat a wide range of skin conditions with excellent outcomes."

Dr. Arthur Simon, Dermatologist
Jakarta, Indonesia


"I am finding many ways to utilize this laser in my practice, including vascular conditions, skin rejuvenation and melasma. I am excited about the future of uses with this device.”

Dr. Jason Emer, Dermatologist
Beverly Hills, California


"The Pro Yellow Laser provides the safest and most effective wavelength for treating upper trunk vascular lesions due to the 577nm wavelength having the highest peak absorption in hemoglobin over any other laser."

Dr. Mario Yco, Plastic Surgeon
Encinitas, California


"The Pro Yellow laser provides my patients with multiple cutaneous treatment options for skin types I through IV. This unique laser also eliminates my need of an IPL."

Dr. Joe Cerni, D.O.
Huntington Beach, California

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